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      About Jennifer Dock

      Jennifer Dock
      Jennifer Dock
      Music Teacher, Master
      Location: Mesa, AZ
      Speaks: English
      Instructs: Flute, Piano, Piccolo
      Education: Bachelor of Music, 1991 North Carolina School of the Arts Master of Music, 1993 Arizona State University
      Performance Experience: I have been with the Tempe Winds since 1994 and have been co-principal flute since 1996. I have played with groups such as the Sonoran Desert Chorale and the Central Arizona Flute Ensemble, and done much freelance work in NC and AZ, including playing the soundtrack of the movie "Handcart." For a few years, I had my own company called "Flute Songs" where I played for adult living centers across the valley.
      Teaching Experience: I have 32 years private teaching experience, including 15 years at Linton Milano, with concurrent stints at Brengles, Brindley's and Buchannan Music. I taught at East Valley Music Instruction for 10 years under the trumpet player Kurt Finchum. I also taught at Duncan Music Co in Winston Salem NC in the early 90s. I have routinely adjudicated for the Arizona regional and all-state band festival auditions.
      Teaching Philosophy: My philosophy is to help you bring out the best in yourself! Everyone has some talent! My job is to help you utilize it to the fullest.

      Get to know Jennifer Dock

      I grew up in rural North Carolina. There was not much money for education, let alone music education. 

      I played flute in the school band and wanted to be good but I had no idea what "good" was. There was one band director, no assistants, and 50 minutes for class.

      We were given our piece and would honk through it as best we could. No one had lessons. Some would practice, some wouldn't.

      I practiced! I thought I was the best because I was the LOUDEST!  LOL!

      Practice, for me, was repeating things over and over, mistakes and all, and hoping for a different, better result the next time. 

      Sounds a lot like the definition of insanity, doesn't it?

      I had been playing 4 years when I had my first flute lesson. Imagine my shock to learn that, far from making me the best, playing loud all the time 

      made me out of tune, with a harsh tone and an inability to vary the expression in my playing! And I had to stop writing the letters above the notes!

      It was time to learn to read those golf clubs on the page! With my teacher's patient help, I went from last chair in our all-county band to first.

      I understand the frustrations that sometimes come with learning the flute. I am here to help you with solutions!

      Jennifer Dock teaches at:
      7040 E Hampton Ave
      Mesa, AZ 85209
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