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      About Shyanne Crocker

      Shyanne Crocker
      Shyanne Crocker
      Music Teacher, Professional
      Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
      Speaks: English
      Teaching Experience: when she was given the opportunity in 2021 to be a woodwind tech for Chino Hills High School.

      Get to know Shyanne Crocker

      Shyanne Crocker is a well rounded musician with 11 years of music experience. She started playing bass clarinet in 6th grade and immediately fell in love with the art. Her love for music continued through college, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree of Clarinet Music Performance at California State University Fullerton. There, she studied intensely with the German clarinet master Hakan Rosengren. Later, she also studied underneath Andrew Lowy, who is the first chair clarinetist of the LA Philharmonic. Both of these pristine instructors taught her a great sense of self-discipline and flawless musical structure, as well as an effective practice etiquette and self-forgiveness.

      While mainly being classically trained, she also has gained adequate experience in other genres such as Jazz, making her a well-rounded musician. She was appointed as an alto saxophone player for her high school jazz band. She’s had experience playing alto, tenor, baritone and soprano saxophone, as well as doubling on clarinet, bass clarinet and flute. While clarinet is considered to be her main instrument, she enjoys producing music with any type of woodwind, and is excited to pass down her knowledge to anyone willing to learn.

      Performance Experience

      Shyanne auditioned for the San Bernardino County Honor Band in 7th grade and was first chair every year until her senior year of high school. She is also a lover of marching band, and was a member of the PCC Honor Band for the Rose Parade all 4 years of high school. She was a member of the district honor band every year, and performed with the Rancho Cucamonga Community College Band as a high school student. Shyanne also participated in various performances with her school’s jazz band playing saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet and flute.

      Having the privilege of attending Cal State University Fullerton gave Shyanne many performance opportunities throughout her college experience as well. She performed countless concerts in the world renowned music hall known as Meng Hall. She performed with both the university’s Symphonic Winds, and Wind Symphony. Not only having the opportunity to perform in a group setting, she also performed 2 recitals in the university’s Recital Hall during her last 2 years of college. Being exposed to both group and individual performance settings allowed Shyanne to experiment with different timbres and colors for her own musical development. 

      Teaching experience

      Shyanne is a young instructor that is extremely patient with younger musicians. She finds her teaching experience to be very unique amongst any other instructor she has ever known. She always found herself in a leadership position as a student, whether it was being the section leader/drum major for her high school’s marching band, or the principal chairs in her school band as well as other honor groups. This energy seeped into her college experience when she was given the opportunity in 2021 to be a woodwind tech for Chino Hills High School, one of the most pristine high schools in California. Being only 19 at the time, it was a huge responsibility for her to take on. However, being so young, it was a perfect opportunity to start her teaching career and perfect it early on in life. She found it was easy to connect with her students considering they were so close in age considered it her strong suit. Even now, she finds it easy to build an individual relationship with each of her students.

      Teaching philosophy 

      Shyanne went through extensive training with 2 of the best clarinet players in the world, whose teaching philosophies differed in many ways. With this prior tutoring in consideration, she is able to mix and match what she believes is the most effective way to teach each student. She uses an analogy when teaching called a “critique sandwich.” In order to improve, there must be some sort of encouragement given before and following critique. Encouragement-Critique-Encouragement. Without encouragement, any student may not believe they are capable of achieving their goals. Without criticism, there is no pathway towards improvement. Gaging every individual and the way they best respond to new information is extremely important to Shyanne.

      Shyanne Crocker teaches at:
      8615 Baseline Rd
      Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
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