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      About Jenny Keller

      Virginia Keller
      Jenny Keller
      Music Teacher, Master
      Location: Yorktown, VA
      Speaks: English
      Instructs: Piano
      Education: Radford College: B. S. in Theatre Arts Radford University: B. S. in Health and Physical Education. Virginia Teaching Certification(s) for K-12 in: Theatre, American Literature, Health, Family Life, Physical Education.
      Performance Experience: H.S.: 5 different choirs (5yrs piano), Warrior Marching (5yrs picc.), Warrior Concert Band (3yrs b.clar), American Musical Ambassadors(3mo b.clar). College:Highlander Concert Band (5yrs b.clar),Dept. of Music (5yrs accomp. for student juries & performances). HamptonRds: Tabernacle Baptist Church (3yrs worship coord. and instrumentalist),Weymouth Funeral Home (instrumentalist 7yrs-current),Ft Monroe Band (accomp. 5yrs), Peninsula Comm. Band (13yrs b.clar),Liberty Baptist Church (accomp. 26yrs).
      Teaching Experience: College (home studio) - 6 yrs. Love of Music Academy - 4 yrs. Music & Arts - 6 yrs. Liberty Academy of the Arts - 15 yrs. Keller Piano - 31 yrs.
      Teaching Philosophy: It has been said that music is the language of the soul. It is my desire to teach all who want to learn; to speak this language fluently and from the heart.

      Get to know Jenny Keller

      Started piano lessons at 4 and was deemed a child prodigy.  Was giving small concerts to Ladies club, churches and civic organizations.  Began music competitions at 7 but was limited to certain pieces because my hands were very small and my feet couldn't touch the floor!!! During grade school I played for several different local churches when needed; but mostly for all my school's choirs - it was really cool then because I got out of science class! (YUKY!!)  High school was busy with playing for all the choirs, doing competitions, learning /playing different band instruments, plus school! By the time I had graduated from high school I had had 14yrs. of piano, 5yrs of flute/piccolo, 6yrs of church and jazz organ, and 5yrs of low reeds (Bass and contra clarinet).  I was 1 of 2 band students chosen to represent the state of Va. in a band that was called: The American Music Ambassadors; out of Penn St. and Purdue. We traveled throughout Europe giving concerts; playing everything from Disney to Mozart.

      Sadly, after returning from Europe, I was involved in an accident resulting in a serious head injury.  This resulted in me losing 3/4 of my hearing and my ability to memorize was greatly diminished.  This ended my dream of attending a very prestigious college and becoming a famous concert pianist. So, I went a different route...I majored in Theatre. Soon I discovered that I had neither the morals nor the body for the casting couch! So, I finished this degree with the emphasis in business and started another degree in education; a degree in Health and Physical Education. (I didn;t have to have a great memory or perfect pitch to teach someone to play basketball!) I started my career in teaching while in college, but stopped both teaching and playing after graduation to begin a new career in business.  This lasted 15-20 yrs. Only after I got married and started my family did I returned to music. I have been playing and teaching now for over 30 yrs.  And am happy to be a part of the Music & Arts family.

      Jenny Keller teaches at:
      209 Village Ave Suite I
      Yorktown, VA 23693
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