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The end of another school year...


The end of another school year...

by Kevin

It's half way through May already? Wow! 

Time has been flying by and we're a month away (give or take) from the end of the school year. The weather has been wonderful and summer plans have already started in their creation process... Normally this time of year instruments get pushed off for fun in the sun, sports, and travel. Those poor instruments need to have fun in the summer too!

This time of the year is great for getting into those fun songs and projects that you've wanted to work on through the school year. Favorite movie or musical? Snag a book or some sheet music for that soundtrack! Want to write your own music? Grab some manuscript paper! Thinking about picking up another instrument as a hobby to change it up a bit? Give 'em a shot! The summer time is a great time to get that extra practice whether it be by yourself, with a friend, or getting that extra help taking lessons!