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Reedmaking Day


Reedmaking Day

Our store held a reed making class day on April 30 taught by Andrea Ridilla. Andrea is Professor of Oboe at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and she is an expert reedmaking teacher. She is the co-designer of the Ridilla Oboe Reedmaking Gouging Machine manufactured by "Reeds 'n Stuff" in Germany, which is US Patented.  The class consisted of 10 students learning how to properly make oboe reeds and what are the main factors to be aware of with cane and wrapping the reeds.  The students were each able to play their reeds and Andrea helped the students diagnose what characteristics they will want to maintain when making future reeds. Each student walked out of the class eager to continue.  It was an educational experience for all of us in the store, and we look forward to the next class!