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Matrell Grismer


Teaches Piano, Music Theory

“Music becomes a satisfying experience that gives direction to the basic needs of self-expression, an appreciation for beauty and an outlet for emotional release.” - James W. Bastien

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Piano, Music Theory


Bachelor of Science in Music Business - Piano Major - Wingate College - Magna Cum Laude

Favorite Bands

Billy Joel, David Lanz, Frederic Chopin, Ludwig Van Beethoven

Favorite Instruments

Piano, Organ

Levels Taught

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All

Specialties / Genres Taught

Classical, Improvisation, Harmonization, Theory, Sacred Music (Traditional & Contemporary), New Age Music, Jazz, Pop, Rock

Teaching Experience

Private Studio, Tadlock Piano & Organ Company, Music & Arts

About Matrell Grismer

Hello, my name is Matrell and I have been teaching with Music & Arts since November 2019. After teaching private piano lessons to students of all ages for over 40 years, it is more rewarding to me today than when I began. I aspire to be an effective communicator, to create an enthusiasm for music by making the learning experience one that inspires and encourages my students. Motivating a lasting interest as well as curiosity in making and understanding music is a personal goal every time I step into the lesson room.

I believe there is a fundamental need to create, whether: interpreting the music of the master composers, improvising on a favorite melody, or composing one’s own special piece; most people love music and have the desire to make music themselves. In lessons, I work to equip my students to pursue their own musical goals. Music theory is a key faculty in the study of music, and makes for an intelligent musician that will progress through their studies more rapidly. Lessons are adaptive to student abilities, interests, and performance needs. Whether talent shows, recitals, church services, family celebrations, or for relaxation, I encourage each student to pursue their interests and favorite genres to express themselves creatively.

Lessons and performances enhance positive traits in each students’ self discipline, self- expression, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Students learn to set and achieve goals. Coordination skills and concentration levels are both improved. With all of these benefits in mind, I strive to make each lesson an enjoyable, rewarding experience that enriches the lives of my students and instills a lifelong love of music. Seeing how music is universal, all fundamentals of music learned in the study of piano readily transfer to all other instruments. My goal is to have each student advance upon their musical journey; confident in their knowledge and application of music, and encouraged to share their hard work with those around them.

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