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Fox Valley Music Arts Savings


Fox Valley Music Arts Savings

by Thomas

Hey!  We here at the Fox Valley Music Arts are always interested in bringing you the best savings possible and getting you the perfect instruments.  Today, I'm showing you a few of my best deals that I have going on in the store!

2010 Ibanez Gio Mikro M21

Featuring a basswood body finished in a classic white, this guitar is the perfect gift for younger players or players of smaller stature looking for a guitar to rock out on. The smaller size and price also makes it a great starter guitar for younger players who want to start their carreer as a rock musician. The twin humbuckers offer a huge sound that you don't expect out of such a small guitar and the shark fin inlays on the incredibly fast neck give it a look that rivals guitars three times its price. This guitar is the perfect gift for your budding guitarist looking for something more striking or for the experienced player to use as a travel guitar to match their higher end Ibanez.


2014 Squier 60th Anniversary Aztec Gold Classic Vibe Stratocaster

This guitar oozes vintage class. The gold hardware and finish adorning the alder body give this guitar not only the perfect vintage look, but tone! The three vintage style single coil pickups give you that sweet, bell like tone that you expect out of a 50's stratocaster while the vintage tinted one-piece maple neck plays sweet and fast. A nice upgrade to this model is that it has a moden C shaped neck that most modern players find more comfortable than the originals. As a guitar this will fit just as at home hanging on your wall looking pretty or spending night after night on stage.


2013 Squier Deluxe Hot Rail Stratocaster Black

Purpose built for hard rock, metal, punk and alternative: this guitar is a diamond in the rough. Fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Corgan and Kurt Cobain will instantly recognize "Hot-Rail" style pickups in this instrument. This particular model features Three Seymour Duncan Designed HR-101 Hot Rail pickups, these things scream. Not only do you get that absolutely blazing tone from this guitar but it screams classic rock. The CBS style headstock and white pickguard with black knobs and pickups gives you the classic look you expect from Billy Corgan, The Edge and Yngwie.


2012 Yamaha Pacifica PAC-012 Pearl Red

One of the most versatile student guitars ever made. A favorite of players of all genres, it features a light agathis boday that is comfortable to play for hours on your lap or on a strap. The combination of two single coil pickups and one humbucker gives you the versatility to go from country to metal to folk. The flat neck is very easy to play on, especially for people looking to play fast. It is also very welcoming to students moving from a classical guitar to electric, making the transition very well. For an inexpensive guitar that plays well and can do anything you ask of it, this it the right choice for a first electric!


2014 Squier Bullet Stratocaster Black

The Squier Bullet Stratocaster is the entry level guitar by the Fender Musical Corporation, but that doesn't make it any kind of a slouch. The guitar features a slightly slimmer basswood body that gives it a wonderful reseonance and comfortable weight. The neck of the guitar features fast medium frets that accomodate any type of music and electronics that are just as accomodating. Its three single coils and five way switch give this guitar the classic fender tone and vibe. This model has found itself on clearance due to a chip on the lower bout bass side. For the cost, this guitar is a killer starter for anyone new rock star.


2012 Epiphone G-400 SG Pro Cherry

Welcome to Rock'n'Roll heaven. This killer axe features everything you need to get to the top. Angus Young, Tony Iommi, Frank Zappa, Pete Townshend, Thom York and even Hendrix have cut their fingers on this classic guitar. Feature a mahogony neck set into a mohogony body for ultimate sustain and power. This guitar feature's Epiphone own version of Gibson's classic PAF style pickups, the same ones that have shaped the sound of rock and roll for the last five decades. To top it off, the guitar features a coil splitting option that allows you to get those classic Fender tones, as well. This is a rock and roll classic with premium appointments, classic looks and amazing playability for a killer price. The reason this make it's way into our clearance section is a chip in the paint on it.


2016 Squier Deluxe Modified Jaguar Bass Transparent Red

I've been playing bass for 20 years and have not come across a bass whose value rivals this one in all those years. This bass features a progressive body design that feels as comfortable as a Jazz bass but retains the agressive looks of the Jaguar guitars made famous by bands like Nirvana, Dinasaur Jr. and Alkaline Trio. The body on this particular model is a beatuiful 2 piece basswood body under a transparent red finish, but you would be hard pressed to tell it wasn't a one peice body. At 1 1/2" at the nut, the neck is fast, smooth and solid. The satin finish on the back and fret work make this bas a killer player and performer. Once you plug it in, then things get interesting. Featuring a standard P-bass pickup in the middle position and a Jazz bass pickup in the bridge position with Alnico magnets, you can get a great range of class Precision and Jazz bass tones. Add to that the 2 band active EQ qith boost and you get one of the most versatile basses available! Thanks to the fact the finish has been chipped, you get a killer deal on this bass!



If these particular deals are not what you're looking for, make sure to come visit us here at the Fox Valley Music and Arts.  Our whole staff is able to help you find the perfect gifts for your loved one and yourselves!  We have 10% off any regularly priced item $199 and over, prices on student band and orchestra equipment you wouldn't believe and a collection of holiday music to share with your families that you won't find in store anywhere else!

So, come on into the Fox Valley Music & Arts for all of your Holiday Music needs!