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We Restring Guitars at this location!!


We Restring Guitars at this location!!

by Kaitlyn

Good Morning Folks! 

We have a lot of people calling or stopping in to our store asking if we restring guitars.


Maybe you don't know what kind of guitar you have? Look at the list below of the guitars we string and see if any of them match what you have at home. 


We Restring: 

Classical Guitars 


Acoustic Guitar 



12 String Guitar



Electric Guitar


When we restring, we make sure your guitar is in working shape. We inspect the neck and the intonation of the insturment to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the guitar. After inspection we take the old strings off and recycle them. We clean, polish, and moisturize the neck before we put the selected strings on the guitar. Once dry, the new strings are put on, streched and then tuned before we call you to come pick it up. 

Typically our average turn around time is a few hours once dropped off. We have a lot of people coming in for a restring already so make sure you are able to drop it off before we come in. Call us today to see if we have a wait on restrings or if we are free to restring YOUR guitar!


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