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Horns of Plenty


Horns of Plenty

by Katie
Hello Hendersonville! I would like to personally invite you to a very special event we’re going to be hosting on May 18th at the Factory in Franklin called Horns of Plenty. We are so excited to be a part of this very special event and are hoping you’ll join us! Horns of Plenty is the state’s largest instrument event. We are going to have hundreds of  instruments available to... View More

$15 Rentals for Back to School Season!!

by Katie
Hello Friends!      Summer's almost over! What a bummer.. All that back to school shopping, going to bed early, and busy schedules are coming up fast! Luckily you have something very special and exciting to look foward to... Starting band!! You get to choose your first instrument and learn something completly new. And even though it's exciting, it can also be a little nerve racking.  ... View More

What's the summer plan??

by Katie
Summer is finally here and Schools almost out!! Time for no homework and staying up as late as you want. But have you ever noticed something strange?.. When that first day of school rolls back around, you find yourself forgetting how to do that simple math problem, or the name of that famous guy who invented the telephone... no homework really takes away some of that well earned learning... View More

Rain, Rain, Make Us Practice.

by Katie
Hello Hendersonville, We hope all is well! Spring is soooo close to being here, but unfortunatly we've gotten nothing but rain for what seems like forever!! The good news is, it gives us all a great opprotunity to do some serious practicing. Get those scales down and learn a new tune or two! I'm sure your band director wont mind. And remember, we've got the supplies you need to be succesful. So come on... View More

Lessons, Rentals, and Fun Events

We hope everyone is having a great summer! Schools out and we know that finding time for practicing your instrument for next school year can be hard. We want to make sure to give you the opprotunity to get in the best practice from our well educated teahcers. With our very flexible scheduling we can find the perfect time to schedule summer lessons for you all!Summer is also... View More