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What's the summer plan??


What's the summer plan??

by Katie
Summer is finally here and Schools almost out!! Time for no homework and staying up as late as you want. But have you ever noticed something strange?.. When that first day of school rolls back around, you find yourself forgetting how to do that simple math problem, or the name of that famous guy who invented the telephone... no homework really takes away some of that well earned learning you did last school year.  Well, the same thing goes with your instrument! If you're not practicing you might forget how to play Stairway To Heaven or Fur Elise... Luckily, there's a simple solution to that. Summer lessons! Taking out 30 mins once a week to learn something new on your instrument (and of course practicing in between) will give you that boost of confidence when your first day back to band class rolls around. So come in the store today and we'll show you what times are available, and since it's summer time, our flexible scheduling will come in handy more than ever!  See you there!