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Upgrade your Sound!!


Upgrade your Sound!!

by Mindy

Hey guys & gals!

Have you been renting for a while? Is your child growing exponentially and wanting something NEW and PROFESSIONAL?! Is your child planning on sticking with music for YEARS to come?

If you find yourself in any of those situations, we have some events that would be able to cater to your child’s needs and find the perfect instrument for them!

Locally, we will be having an UPGRADE YOUR SOUND event, hosted right here in the Hickory store. With that, you can come in to the store, and let your child play some "step-up" instruments, and have fun while doing so! If this sounds like something that you would like your child to participate in, please feel free to call us here at the Hickory store, to get a reserved spot just for you, and your family!


On May 4th we will be having a Horns of Plenty event in Charlotte, NC! I would definitely recommend bringing your own mouthpiece and reeds! During the Horns of Plenty there will be many different financing options for you! Not only will the Horns of Plenty event have tables and tables of step up instruments for your child to indulge into; there will also be factory representatives there! They can ask all the questions they want, and really enjoy themselves in the music.

Always feel free to call us here at the store! :)