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8600 Jameel Rd Suite 120 Houston, TX 77040-6027
Phone: 713-996-7993
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Store Services

Lessons: Piano, vocal, sax, trumpet, ETC.


Lessons: Piano, vocal, sax, trumpet, ETC.

We are extremely excited to inform that we have a new woodwind & brass instructor. LeTriel White has joined the Houston store's Lesson team. She is a music educator at TSU, and a D'Addario reed expert. If there is a time to sign up for lessons it's now! We have flexible scheduling, and our educators make learning fun to help keep students motivated! Call the store for further information. We have a clearance area filled with accessories for all instruments that we are wanting to sell, sell,sell. We will have a new full-timer joining our ranks as well. Keyboard, Guitars discounts, and special finance options are going on this month so don't miss out!