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      About Jon Caltuna

      Jon Caltuna
      Jon Caltuna
      Music Teacher, Professional
      Location: Camden Wyoming, DE
      Speaks: English
      Instructs: Piano
      Education: 10 years of piano lessons + 4 years of formal music education @ Wilmington Music School
      Performance Experience: Studio musician Recitals & local concerts Guest appearances at local events
      Teaching Experience: Many years of piano based music education for beginner to intermediate students of all ages.
      Teaching Philosophy: There are 6 main skills that we will master on our journey together. 1) fingering and dexterity 2) notes, scales, keys 3) timing and pace 4) emotion and feel 5) ear training 6) composition

      Get to know Jon Caltuna

      In all my years, I have yet to meet a person that wouldn't want to play the piano. So then, why isn't everyone a musician? After many years of studying music I can say with certainty the real reason is surprising. Simply put, it's the lack of correct information and the abundance of false information. For instance, it's a common belief that it takes a lot of time to learn how to play a piano. It doesn't. The quality and the daily consistency of the time allotted for practice is far more important than the quantity of time. Another common belief is that it's difficult to learn. It's not. Music is basic math and letters. If you can count to 4, and you know your alphabet up to the letter G you already know some of the basics. Furthermore, it's a common belief that not everyone is cut out to play piano. The I don't have a musical bone in my body argument. I can assure you everyone is capable. If you have a pulse you have rhythm. So then, you may ask, where can I find the correct information I need to realize my dream of learning to play the piano?

          My piano education program is based and adapted to an individual students goals and circumstances. Which we will discuss in detail on the first lesson. Aside from the fundamentals, what you learn, how you learn and how I teach you is specific to you. Learning to play the piano is not a competition. Everybody has the opportunity to climb the proverbial musical mountain at there own pace weather you are 6 years old or 60 years old. 
           My process is a smooth, everything is connected approach to music education. Thinking of music as a bracelet and the individual skills needed to perform music as the links or charms of the bracelet. There are 6 main skills that you will master on our journey together.
      1) fingering and dexterity
      2) notes, scales, keys, etc
      3) timing and pace
      4) emotion and feel
      5) ear training
      6) composition
      With a solid understanding of these 6 skills you will have accomplished your goal of learning to play the piano and becoming a musician. If these words inspire you, schedule a lesson with me today!
      Jon Caltuna teaches at:
      3443 S Dupont Hwy
      Camden Wyoming, DE 19934
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