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You can look, but you NEED to touch!


You can look, but you NEED to touch!

by Steven

Often when we are looking to buy a new instrument, amplifier, or other expensive piece of equipment, we spend quite a bit of time mulling over which one we want. We look at pictures, read reviews, watch demos on Youtube, and hopefully by the time we get to the store we think we know exactly what we're going to get.

In my experience, none of that research matters nearly as much as getting that guitar, or trumpet, or flute IN YOUR OWN HANDS. I have a guitar amplifier called a Vox AC30C2. It is essentially the same amplifier used by the Beatles, Queen, and dozens of other classic rock acts. But, when I play through it, I don't sound like John Lennon, George Harrison, Brian May, or Eric Clapton. I sound like me. So whether you want a silver trumpet, or a hand-carved violin, or that special-edition whatever, it's important to remember that the reviews you've read and the demos you've seen only give a small indication of what that instrument is really going to sound, play, and feel like to you. You have to get your own hands on it and take it for a good ol' test drive!

That's why here at Lacey Music & Arts, we're happy to give you the use of an open lesson studio to play away! If you're looking for that next piece to your musical puzzle, come on in to us! We'll set you up to try it out, play with it, and investigate how compatible the instrument is with you! Getting your hands dirty is the best way to figure out if you're on the right track, and we can help you find the instrument for you that is just the right fit.

In the end, remember, you can look, but you NEED to touch!