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Lessons and Snow


Lessons and Snow

by Michael

Q.  What happens with lessons in the event of a snow storm?

A.  If we remain open, lessons continue as scheduled unless your instructor decides to cancel.  Of course, safety is a priority for us so if you cannot make it due to weather conditions, please kindly let us or your teacher know.  If we are closed due to weather, we will make our best effort to let you know.


Q.  Will I be refunded for missed lessons due to snow?

A.  Lessons cancelled due to a store closure or teacher's decision will be made up or refunded at your teacher's discretion.  If the store remained open and the teacher was present no make-up is guaranteed but your teacher may offer a make-up lesson or refund as appropriate at their discretion.


Q.  How will I know if the store is open or closed?

A.  In the event that we decide to close due to snow, store staff and/or your teacher will make our best effort to notify you using the phone number you have provided for your lesson account.  If we are closed and you do not hear from us, it is likely that we have an incorrect contact number for you - please let us know your updated number next time you are in!


Q.  Should I still practice even if it is snowing?

A.  Yes!  Being snowed in is a great chance to catch up on extra practice or find some fun music to play!