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Summer Lessons: 4 Reasons to Continue


Summer Lessons: 4 Reasons to Continue

Many families feel they need a break during the summer months. However, the summer is often the best time to take lessons! Here are four reasons to continue taking lessons throughout the summer.


1. There is more time to practice. During the school year, kids often have multiple activities during the week (including school), leaving very little time inbetween to practice. Without sports, clubs, and homework, there is a lot more time to practice your instrument!

2. Taking a break from lessons sets you back. Just like any skill, taking time off from your instrument will result in a regression of the techniques you have already learned.

3. There will be performance opportunities. We will be hosting performance opportunities open only to students who take lessons during the summer.

4. Scheduling is more flexible in the summer. Our instructors' schedules are often more open during the summer so makeups are easier to schedule, and many of our instructors are flexible with makeups around vacations.


We hope you continue your lessons here over the summer. Trust me - it will be worth it!