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NYSSMA is Fast Approaching!


NYSSMA is Fast Approaching!

by Leah

NYSSMA stands for New York State School Music Association. The mission of NYSSMA is to advance music eduacation throughout the state for both its members and their students. Each year NYSSMA memebers host multiple  festival dates in your local area where, the student, a duet, a trio, and their school band may sign up to be judged on a solo piece (or pieces) chosen.

The festival is designed to show you where you are at as a musician (or group), and what you can do to improve.  In high school, the musician is able to apply for All-State and Area-All State on a level six solo piece.  The scores are compiled throughout the state and local zones, and the top scored soloists are chosen to play in the band, orchestra, or chorus.  It is an amazing experience for the player, and family.  

NYSSMA is fast approaching, and we have been receiving a lot of phone calls and walk ins for NYSSMA pieces.  I am happy to say we stock a lot of NYSSMA solo pieces in store, and if we are out, can easily order it and have it shipped to you in a timely fashion.  Please make sure you have as much information on the piece as possibe, so we can easily assist you! 

Please double check with the teacher to see if they have a copy. Your child will need to provide a copy to the judge, and it cannot be photocopied due to copyright laws.

Helpful information to have when you come in:

  1. Instrument
  2. Title and Composer
  3. Level
  4. Publisher