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Five Reasons to Take Lessons Today!


Five Reasons to Take Lessons Today!

by Kevin

When I was in middle school, my parents bought me an acoustic guitar and enrolled me in lessons two towns away.  The instructor (let's call him Wilfred) was a family acquaintance -- to me, a complete stranger.  What I had to learn with was what came in the hard-shell case -- a document of ownership, some picks, and a capo.  I was left in Wilfred's house for an hour at a time, and my parents paid for lessons with him for over two years.  I learned a lot -- mostly bad practice habits and poor technique -- especially when looking back as a manager at Music & Arts in Waterford.

Today, the contrast between Wilfred's living room and your local Music & Arts is stark.  They are two worlds apart, and seeing this clearly today makes me even more excited to tell you about what awaits with music lessons at Music & Arts.  Here's a quick list of why M&A does it better than the rest.

1.) The Best in the Business
If you decide to go elsewhere for lessons, how do you know they have any idea what they're doing? What can they show for it? Music & Arts is the number one provider of lessons in the country, giving over 1.5 Million lessons per year.  All of our teachers are vetted thoroughly before they can join our team, and we ensure through every step of the way that they’re giving a superior lesson experience. We make lessons easy, affordable, and fun for all ages! Why would you go anywhere else? 

2.) Performance Opportunities
Despite having a strong aptitude to play the same riff over and over for hours, my teacher never encouraged me to perform outside a practice space. This would have translated into completing more songs from start to finish and learning the demands of live performance. Instead, I hesitated for years to play in front of others.  In fact, my first open mic was at our Waterford Location!  We hold an Open Mic Night every month -- more performance opportunities and more supportive teachers translates to more confident and adventurous students.

3.) Free Group Events
One regretful thing about taking lessons at Wilfred’s, was that I wasn’t able to meet my musical peers, other than walking out the front door.  More than any other location in CT, Music & Arts offers free group events for beginners all year long. We have Pointers 4 Players (this year it's on Oct 18th) to help all new players of Woodwind, Brass, and String instruments progress on their path to success – keep an eye out for P4P in Spring, too!  These events are usually at least an hour long, with our best instructors giving their best tips and tricks to beginners.  We also have free clinics for percussion students preparing for Eastern Regionals in November – come see our events calendar for dates.

4.) Everything You Need to Play – Right outside Your Lesson Room
Whenever I needed musical supplies while taking lessons at Wilfred’s, it was always pushed to “sometime later.”  More than likely, it was because my lessons took place in a location far away from the supplies I needed, and my parents probably didn’t have the time to go the extra distance.

     Our staff at M&A work very closely with the in-house teachers and public school teachers to make sure we stock everything your student needs to be successful with their instrument.  This includes music stands in a variety of colors (for proper form), tuner/metronomes (to stay in time and in tune), care-kits (the “toothbrush” for your instrument), and just about every method and supplemental book in publication for any instrument.  This means as soon as you’re done with your lesson, you have an opportunity to pick up your suggested supplies before you forget. No other location provides the support you need to succeed!

5.) Lessons with M&A are FUN!
Reflecting on my overall experience with Wilfred, I can't say that I was overjoyed to take lessons -- it felt like a chore more than an experience. In two years I never made it past Book 1 of Mel Bay Guitar Method.  More than likely, this was because Wilfred didn't have my interests in mind.  Reflecting on my time as a teacher with Music & Arts, and on my experience with the teachers as manager, there's no doubt that M&A strives to keep things fun and exciting for all.  Our teachers customize each and every lesson to make sure each student feels excited through every step on the road to mastery.

Overall, there's no question that M&A provides a superior experience in music lessons, for all ages, all backgrounds, and all levels of experience.

Excited to meet our instructors? Click here to find out more or call us at the store at 860-442-8884