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Fun Fact Teacher Tuesday!


Fun Fact Teacher Tuesday!

by Rikki

We will be introducing a new teacher every Tuesday and giving some fun facts about them! We hope you enjoy learning some new things about our teachers! Our teachers here at Westminster are very passionate about teaching new students of every level so come and check us out!!


First Up:


Ray Leake- Piano teacher extraordinaire!!

Besides teaching private piano, Ray currently plays in two jazz bands in Denver and Ft Collins. He writes music arrangements for the bands that he plays with using the Finale notation software. He has played aboard the Mississippi Queen and Delta Queen steamboats on the Mississippi, Ohio, Tennesse and Cumberland Rivers from 1988-2001 entertaining and playing the piano for passengers. He also played the "Steam Calliope" on the steamboat!

To find out more about Ray please look at his Bio under Lesson Instructors or call the store and we will tell you all about our lesson program!!


Thanks and have a great week!!



Store Manager