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Fun Fact Teacher Tuesday!


Fun Fact Teacher Tuesday!

by Rikki

We will be introducing a new teacher every Tuesday and giving some fun facts about them! We hope you enjoy learning some new things about our teachers! Our teachers here at Westminster are very passionate about teaching new students of every level so come and check us out!!


Teacher Fun Fact for: Steve Saviano - Drum Teacher:


My name is Steve Saviano, I worked for Carnival Cruise Lines as an orchestra and jazz combo percussionist from September 2001 until February 2002. From 2003 until 2007, I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada and made my living as a full-time musician and drum set teacher. I would perform six nights a week, 36 weeks a year and taught 30 students per week. I moved to Colorado in 2007 and have made a living as a professional musician since.

To learn more about Steve please check out his Teacher Bio under Lesson Teachers. Feel free to call the store and ask us about our Lesson Program!