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Store Services

Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning

Let me guess: your instrument isn't playing well right now.  Your keys are sticking, your valves are rough, your strings are rusty.  Wanna know how I know?  It's the weather. Changes in temperature and humidity greatly affect how instruments play, especially for wind instruments.  It's good general practice to get your instrument checked out every time the seasons change even if... View More

Mallet Confusion

by Cody
My head is spinning!  There are so many choices and what do all these words mean?  My kid said he wanted to play drums and now we have to get all these weird sticks and they're rubber and yarn and wood and bamboo and lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! Been there?  The choices of different sticks and mallets in the world are mind boggling to say the least.  Hey, it's ok!  We are... View More

Limited Time Offer!

by Cody
Exciting!  Starting 2/1 and running through 2/28 Music & Arts in Cedar Hill is offering 0% Financing on purchases of $299 or more!  Every wanted to learn guitar?  Always wanted to play the Saxophone?  That old piano always going out of tune?  Getting ready for UIL?  Birthday for that special musician in your life?  We can help!  Now you can get started or upgrade... View More

Open Mic Night

by Felicia
Open Mic night is literally my favorite night of the month. Seriously. It's always a "casual" Friday, my employees are pumped and excited to see what our turn out is. Midday we start preparing the store for the extra bodies and start moving things around, bringing out chairs and moving fixtures. Then we set up and change the lighting, some "mood lighting" as you will. Once it gets closer to time we start... View More