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Open Mic Night


Open Mic Night

by Felicia

Open Mic night is literally my favorite night of the month.


It's always a "casual" Friday, my employees are pumped and excited to see what our turn out is. Midday we start preparing the store for the extra bodies and start moving things around, bringing out chairs and moving fixtures. Then we set up and change the lighting, some "mood lighting" as you will. Once it gets closer to time we start breaking out the karaoke (as an ice breaker) and I go get us all some pizza and soda. After my guys eat an entire pizza they're pretty ready to get rockin. The first few performers arrive and they're always nervously looking around, wondering whether they should sit or not. After a quick name exchange and an invitation for some pizza, they usually warm up a little, do some karaoke with me or with their friends. It's a fantastic time already. But it's barely beginning.