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Rent vs. Buy


Rent vs. Buy

by Adam
Why should I rent instead of just buying the instrument? Won’t it be more expensive to rent? I don’t want to be locked into a contract. These are all common objections we here at Music & Arts Center’s Corona location, let’s tackle them one at a time. Why should I Rent instead of Buying? The short answer is that kids have a tendency to change their minds on a dime. When you rent with Music & Arts Center you have the freedom to exchange to another instrument within the same grouping, or return the instrument all together with no hassle. We offer month to month rates and fantastic purchase options when you are ready to buy. Won’t it be more expensive in the long run? Along with the monthly rental fee, we offer an optional Liability Damage Waiver, which waives the renter’s responsibility of the cost of repairs. You just bring it in and we send it to the shop, or if you’re in a pinch, we can exchange it for another model of that instrument at no cost. It is an extra service for the rental, but you have the option to return the instrument and not have to worry about keeping an instrument the student doesn’t want to play anymore. This will save you the extra money and headache of having bought that instrument outright. I don’t want to be locked into a contract. Luckily, Music & Arts Center has a very quick and easy to understand Rental Agreement. It’s all month to month, so you can return it any time before the next payment and have zero stress about further payments. We like to make things easy. Any further questions? Contact your local Music & Arts store to find out more! We hope to see you soon!