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Why you need Lessons


Why you need Lessons

by Adam

Why would I take Lessons? I can just learn online watching YouTube videos, can’t I?

 This is the most common question we hear in our music stores these days. The Digital Age has come and you can access almost anything with a Cellphone or Wifi Connection, has the age of Face to Face lessons become a thing of the past? Well, thankfully no!

 We find that you can learn some by teaching yourself through YouTube or Online Courses. However, the source may not always be as credible as a well-seasoned instructor with almost two decades under his or her belt or someone who went to school specifically to teach the instruments they are passionate about. Instructors help to ensure you don’t create bad habits while learning to play. They say Practice Makes Perfect, but I would argue that Practice Makes Permanent, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. Consider signing up for a month of lessons at our Corona Music & Arts Center, we have plenty of times available for your student (And you too!), so call us today to set up your first lesson!