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Spring is Recital Season!


Spring is Recital Season!

by Casey

The birds are singing, the sun is shining and flowers are growing. It is that time of year again, Recital Season! College Graduates to Elementary School Students are picking up steam for one last end of the School year performance. We here at Music and Arts are getting the Recital bug as well as we approach the end of the School year. We have some wonderful Recitals and Events coming up like our Senior lesson student’s joint Recital with Jason’s Piano Studio on May the 4th and a Guitar recital coming up on June 1st. For now though, let us take a look back at the recitals we have done over the past few months and celebrate just how far each student have come in their musical journey.


My first recital here at the Fox Valley Music and Arts was with our Piano Teacher Jason and his Studio on Friday November 10th. We heard several of his students show what they could accomplish in a few short weeks of practice and I tell you, the amount of pride I saw in the parent’s faces was more than I was expecting.


In order to help prepare our brass students for their future endeavors, Brad, Eric and I started to put together our Winter Brass Recital for December 15th. While it took a little poking and prodding to get some of the kids to come out of their shells, it was worth it to see their smiles when they finished playing, we even got to hear some duets from across the studios!




February 2nd came our next recital where we brought some woodwind players into the mix from Xavier’s studio for our Wind Recital. Everything went perfectly except for all the technical problems that come with computers and sound systems. But we managed to get some accompaniment going for the kids and it still sounded wonderful! Xavier and Eric even delighted us with some solo work of their own after some light pressure from their students.




Our most recent recital happened on April 6th and was Diane’s Piano Studio Recital. Our biggest recital yet I am proud to say and several kids who were too shy to play in front of an audience before turned into confident musicians who didn’t care if anyone heard them playing. Diane has done some amazing work with her students and it clearly shown in their talent.

As Spring rolls into Summer we will continue to have performance opportunities, recital events, open mics and other fun opportunities to be immersed in music at the Fox Valley Music & Arts Store! Keep an eye out for our Lesson Open House events in June and many more chances to see your students in performance at your local music store!