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Where In North America Is Dustin Yoes?


Where In North America Is Dustin Yoes?

Here at Music and Arts, it is our job to foster the dreams of young Musicians everywhere - helping them to realize their goal of one day performing in an orchestra, a symphony, or a band of any shape or size.  Not only is it our job, but we love to do it, and nothing makes us happier than seeing a student realize that dream and knowing that we have played a small part in that.

This doesn't just apply to our customers.

Every employee at Music and Arts has their own music related dream and goal.  For some it is to play with a state Orchestra.  For some, it is to teach and inspire.  For some, including Gilbert's very own Dustin Yoes, it is to tour the country with their band.

So, with much pride (and a little sadness, because, heck, Dustin will certainly be missed while he is away), we here at Gilbert are happy to announce that Dustin is living his dream.  For the next month and a half he will be touring North America with his band, Eclipses for Eyes.  Dustin promises to send updates, and we promise to keep you updated as well. 

So, where in North America is Dustin Yoes today?  He's boarding a tour bus headed for the beaches of California.  Good luck Dustin and Eclipses for Eyes!