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LESSONS-Great Instructors-Customized Lessons-All Ages and Abilities Welcome!


LESSONS-Great Instructors-Customized Lessons-All Ages and Abilities Welcome!

by Cat

As the school year rolls around and instruments are rented, repaired, purchased, students will soon start preparing for the upcoming school year. Lessons are a great way to start up or get ahead for the upcoming year! For beginners starting an instrument can be tough, especially without someone there to guide the new player. Often times students can be eager to get a new instrument for the year, go home open it up and give it a go. In most cases at the store we suggest a student doesn't take the instrument out of the case until their first band class. The reason is putting together, tuning, and maintaining a foreign instrument can be overwhelming, and often times discouraging. A great way to nurture a young persons curiosity of music is to enroll them in a one on one lesson. In person  lessons are much more productive than videos on the internet, or the student learning on their own from a book, the teacher has the ability to display proper techniques, write down practice goals, answer questions and correct the student as they are playing. Students in lessons advance at a faster rate, are more confident playing, and in many cases build a life long connection to music. So when picking up your rental this month or in the area please feel free to take a tour of the Lesson Studios, meet the teachers, and enroll for lessons!