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Open House Weekend!


Open House Weekend!

by Joshua

This weekend we are having an awesome couple of events. Have you been wanting to learn guitar but haven't been able to find a teacher or the time? We are having our own Keith Kramer teach a free guitar class this coming saturday, 6-23-18. The class will be at 11am, and another at 1pm. If you would like to attend feel free to email or call the store with your information and we will happily add you to the event calendar! Just let us know which of the 2 times you would like to attend.

Friday 6/22, we are having an open mic here at the store, so whether you're a hobbyist player, taking lessons with us currently, or a professional musician, feel free to come friday night and join the event! Please give us a call or email RSVPing to the open mic, and we will add you to the roster.