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Pointers 4 Players Event - Free Beginning Class only on Jan 18th!


Pointers 4 Players Event - Free Beginning Class only on Jan 18th!

by Wendy

Hello everybody! I hope you've had great holiday!

For the first time, we will be having free beginning classes for guitar/bass/ amp, piano/ keyboard, and percussion at Music & Arts, Snellville, GA - only on the Jan 18th, 2014 - Saturday.


Come on in and join us for this very special event. You will get to learn some important tips to start playing your instrument. We have great teachers that are going to conduct the class.

We also have some great giveaways for each session!

  • Fast Track Keyboard Books
  • D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Strings
  • D'Addario Electric Guitar Strings
  • D'Addario Prowinders
  • D'Addario T-Shirt

and much more! Enter to win!


If you decide to sign up for lessons on Jan 18th, during the event itself, you will get $25.00 OFF First month of lessons PLUS FREE REGISTRATION and we have much more promotions and sales that are happening that day!


Come join us on the Jan 18th, Saturday for the event! Call us for the time of the free class or e-mail us at or Phone: 770-982-0822


See you soon!

Musically yours,

Wendy Yong