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Counterfeit Dollar Bills (Tales from a life in Music Retail)


Counterfeit Dollar Bills (Tales from a life in Music Retail)

When you sell stuff on eBay, you get lots of experts coming out of the woodwork telling you every detail about what you got wrong in your listing. You can have a guitar with no name or know nothing about it and someone will go out of their way to tell you what it is, where it was made, what year it was offered, everything! Sometimes this can very helpful. Most of the times though, it seems that people take great joy in pointing out that you are wrong about something.

On this particular occasion, I were selling a Epiphone Les Paul. For those of you not in the know, an Epiphone Les Paul is usually made exactly like a Gibson Les Paul except it’s made in Asia so it sells for about 25% of what an American Gibson would sell for. It is perfectly legal that Epiphone does this because they are OWNED by Gibson guitars.

So I have an Epiphone Les Paul for sale and this eBayer writes me a scathing letter about why this Epiphone is a FAKE and I‘d better remove it before eBay shuts me down. I cannot remember exactly what his arguments were, but he did go into some detail over what made him draw this conclusion.

My response to him (because I can never resist) was “Wouldn’t that be like counterfeiting a dollar bill?” He asked me what I meant by this so I continued……..”If you had the tools and the know how to make a fake Epiphone, why would you do that? Why wouldn’t you simply put Gibson on the head stock and make the fake worth $2,000 instead of $400?” I must have made a good point that made sense to him because he wrote back and simply said “I guess your right.”