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    • Daniel
    • Senior Sales Associate - Anaheim
      Areas of Instruction: Tuba, Trombone, Baritone
      Languages Spoken: Spanish, Portuguese
    • Hello! My name is Daniel. I initially began playing music at the age of nine on the clarinet. I then played trumpet for a year and switched to the tuba in eighth grade. I have been playing it ever since, making it about 13 years since I began playing....
    • David
    • Senior Sales Associate - Anaheim
    • Hi, my name is David. I have played cello, string bass, bass guitar, euphonium, and trombone. I often fondly recall how fortunate I was to grow up in the San Francisco Bay Area with all of the rich culture available. I played professionally for a number...
    • Karen
    • Retail Manager - N - Anaheim
      Languages Spoken: French
    • Hello! My name is Karen! I've been working for Music and Arts since 2014 and I am so thrilled to be managing the AMAZING Anaheim store! I started participating in music at four years old when my parents enrolled me in piano lessons, and began playing...
    • Moises
    • Senior Sales Associate - Anaheim
    • Hello! My name is Moises! I have been playing trombone for 11 years! I was influenced by my brother who took up trumpet when I was 12. I chose the trombone for the fun looking slide, the funny wah-wah sounds, and how much of a cool looking instrument...
    • Selfana
    • Senior Sales Associate - Anaheim
      Languages Spoken: Arabic
    • Hey there! I'm Selfana and I've been working for Music & Arts since 2014 and I'm so thrilled to be working here with so many great musicians! I play the violin, ukulele, and I like to dabble with the piano. I'm here for all your strings needs! Although...