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Set Up For Success in Jazz


Set Up For Success in Jazz

by Nathan

Many students in concert and marching band will typically display an interest in Jazz band over the course of their middle-high school careers.  Why?  Because many of their friends will join and the repertoire is fun to play.  However, what many students do not know is that many of the tools used for concert and marching bands are not the same as those used in jazz band.  Yes, the trumpets and saxophones used can be the same but here are a rundown of the differences that often make it easier to blend in a jazz setting:



Mouthpieces will often change from less resistance to greater resistance.


Advanced students will often play a trigger trombone for concert and marching band, whereas straight trombones are more common in jazz as the sound is more focused.


Mouthpieces will change--usually from a Selmer C* to a Meyer, Otto Link or Jody Jazz.

Reeds will change from standard Vandoren and Daddario Reserve cuts to reeds designed specifically for jazz.


All these changes are personal to your student so it is imperative that you try out different options first.  Do not hesitate to contact me at the store, 703.764.1400 or burkemgr@musicarts.com.  We also have a Horns of Plenty event on May 6 where you can try all different kinds of instruments and mouthpieces.  I look forward to talking to you!