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String Showcase Recap


String Showcase Recap

by Thomas
Another year and another String Showcase has come and gone.  One of the area’s largest inventories of orchestral strings with special contributions from Eastman Strings, Howard Core and our Music & Arts Educational Representatives have equipped a new and burgeoning generation of string players with the tools they need to make their dreams come true.


That does not mean that you missed your chance to step up or even get your first Violin, Viola or Cello.  Luckily, your local Fox Valley Music and Arts store is more than well equipped to get you started going.


Come on in to check out our family of starter Violins and Violas, as well as our robust collection of rentals!  The Otto Benjamin ML-206 was easily our best selling Violin model at the String Showcase and we have them in stock at the Fox Valley store!  The Otto Benjamin comes in at a reasonable price and full outfit, including a pernambuco bow for superior playability and response.  If the ML-206 is a bit too advanced of a model for you, we do stock the Bellafina models at very reasonable prices.


The price range that the Bellafina ML10 and ML20 fall into usually is reserved for what many consider toy violins.  However, they definitely do not fall into that category.  They offer robust construction with a full outift and a brazilwood bow, and are a great choice for beginner Violinist and Violist.


Also, an amazing service we offer for the budding string soloist: lessons.  With over a combined quarter decade of music education, performance and teaching, our string teachers are some of the best that you can find.  They are passionate, professional and can get you sitting in the first chair in no time.  Even if you are playing for your school, private lessons are a great way to try and get the leg up on your competition, learn new and exciting techniques and theory and learn what you want, rather than what the school wants you to.  Come on in to see if we can match you up with Gina or Stephen to escalate your career.



And even for the professional musicians, we can equip you with the instruments, accessories and music you want.  We boast a wide range of step up instruments that we can order for you and even stock in the store, including one of the most toneful and beautiful Violas I’ve ever seen.  If what you’re looking for is on the other end of the spectrum as far as tradition goes: we can get that for you.  From the Yamaha Silent Electric Violin to new string technologies that allow you to reproduce Cello tones in a Viola footprint, we can get you taken care of.



So, even though the String Showcase has come and gone, your chance to get great gear, great lessons and an amazing team backing you up in your journey to the front of the symphony is still at the tip of your fingers.  Give us a call today with all of your music related questions.