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Free Guitar summer class & Discounts! Clase de guitarra gratis


Free Guitar summer class & Discounts! Clase de guitarra gratis

by Diego
With school out and a lot of free time available why not get your kids involved into Music? Here at Music & Arts we will be hosting a free guitar course on June 22nd. No Guitar? No problem! We have guitars students can use for the course. Get a taste of what our lesson studio is like, we have a class at 11 AM another at 1 PM, and even host a Spanish class at 3 PM for anyone interested in learning the... View More

April 27th & April 28th events

Music and Arts store 6901 is hosting a recitle where the students from our teacher Joanne Smith will be performing some wonderful piano pieces and we would love to have all of you as a part of this. Its a great opportunity to support uprising musician and to enjoy some good music and snacks afterwards. The time and date is Saturday April 27 at 5 Pm, So come on down and show our hard working students... View More

Spring time activities & events

by Diego
Enjoy the spring time with Music & Arts! If you are a brass player looking to get a taste of our lesson studio program, we will have a free 1 hour class with our Brass instructor John St. Julian, who has a B.M in trumpet performance. We currently have trumpet and trombone players signed up, so if you want to be a part of the event, feel free to call or email us to sign up!   Since we are having... View More

Upgrade Your Sound!

by Diego
We are in the heat of spring concert season, and now is the perfect time to consider upgrading your student's band or orchestral instrument. The instrument they started with is good for the first year or two, but if they want to continue to play they'll need something more. Step-Up instruments are easier to play, they sound better, they will allow your student to continue to progress, and we have... View More

Clase de Music Gratis!

Todo son bienvenidos a nuestra clase de musica gratis este 27 de Enero del 2019! Nuestros maestros estaran impartiendo una clase gratis para todo aquel que quiera aprender guitarra, piano, intrumentos de viento y canto! Para mas information puede venir y preguntar. Los Esperamos! View More