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Back to School Lessons and Rentals


Back to School Lessons and Rentals

by Diego

Free Intrument Lessons

 Get ahead of the game with summer music lessons. All rental customers save $50.00 on their first month of lessons (Offer ends 08/31/19)! We have lesson instructors available for all instrumentations! Contact us or ask a sales associate the next time you're in about our Back to School Lessons. In addition Music & Arts would like to support our local Fine Arts Programs and offer free Instrument Master Classes in all instrumentation, such as Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano, Vocal, and much more! These classes will be held on the last saturday of August, September, and October. If you are interested in attendig, please contact one of our sales assoiciates to RSVP today! (Contact us for more details). We look forward to give musicians a head start in their instrument and make learning fun with our educated and outgoing music instructors. Lessons are one on one so you get all attention and time you need to target the areas necessary to be successful! If you wish to attend please call us or email us the week of the free lesson. Or you can always schedule a meet and greet for 15 minutes with our instructors and its totally free! This will allow you to feel the enviroment of a private lesson before taking the step in moving forward. We accomadate a schedule that will work for you and your instructor to make sure you do not miss out on the rest of the activities you are involved in.

Our master classes will be held on these dates.

8/31/2019 3pm-4pm

9/28/2019 3pm-4pm

10/26/2019 3pm-4pm


If you are starting band this up coming fall and are looking to rent a instrument renting with Music and arts is simple. The fastest way to get rent your instrument at the comfort of your home is by going to Musicarts.com.

Step 1: When you are at our website click on rentals and enter the quick code S6901 (this is where you would put your zipcode)

Step 2: When you are in the site, select your student's grade and school.

Step 3: Set your delivery time to ASAP

Step 4: Follow the prompt to customize your rental, and then click add to cart (your teacher's preferred supplies and protection plan are pre-selected. Speak to an associate if you wish to change these selections).

Our rental program is 100% rent to own, so your payments apply towards the purchase of your instrument, or you can return it any time. When you are ready to buy we offer special purchase options only available to our rental customers. $5.00 covers your first month.


 Special Financing options

 If the student is 100% certain they want to peruse playing the instrument through high school and even college Music & Arts will give 30% off Rental instrumental sales and up to 10% on any professional model instrument followed up on offers like 0 Down 0 interest financing for qualifying credit checks.Here at Music & Arts we recommend the student and or the player to play test the Instrument to find their forever sound. 


 For questions or concerns feel free to message us.

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