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About Elle Monnet

Elle Monnet
Elle Monnet
Music Teacher, Master
Location: Frederick, MD
Speaks: English, French
Instructs: Piano
Education: HOLY TRINITY MUSIC SCHOOL-Studied piano at the age of 5 in an exclusive school for girls following European standards, and never stopped since then. International Musical Development: CPA by profession, for 20 years, while assigned in international professional engagements. Studied in Paris, FRANCE under Professeur Isoard de Chénerille, and in Tokyo, JAPAN with Dr. N. Nakamura, and in ASIA with Dr. M. Linh.
Performance Experience: Hosted, organized, and performed (one to a part): A) STUDENT PIANO RECITALS FREDERICK, MARYLAND, USA B) STUDENT PIANO RECITALS PARIS, FRANCE Fête de Noël – Christmas Festival Fête de la Bastille – Bastille Day Fête de la Musique – Paris Music Festival C) STUDENT PIANO RECITALS JAPAN & INDOCHINA Lunar New Year
Teaching Experience: Over 20 years of professional teaching experience, here in the US and abroad
Teaching Philosophy: Elle’s teaching philosophies are based on refined professionalism which is highly cognitive of the “givens” in every teaching experience (e.g., student’s competence, ability, attention span, conscientiousness, willingness, and capacity to learn) to bring every student’s learning effort and initiative toward a successful end. Her teaching approach is progressive and cumulative. Her students learn how to read piano partitions from their first day of lessons. "Joy" is essential in playing piano!

Get to know Elle Monnet

Elle started learning piano at the age of 5 in a private school for girls following     

European standards; since then, she never stopped. As a passionate lover of music, 

Elle has been teaching students of all ages for more than 20 years now. Elle, whose  

professional career as a CPA has brought her to several countries, strongly believes that  

“life is best travelled with music.”  Elle has often been asked what balances her 

mathematical and analytical work? Playing piano,” she responds with a smile.

Beyond office hours, Elle has always been a private piano teacher. She teaches

every student to read musical partitions from the start. Her teaching repertoire is

rich with theory, techniques, and practice exercises, and is an interesting mélange

of classical, romantic, contemporary, popular (all-time favorites), and free-style

(avant-garde-self-expressions and improvisations). She has a preference toward

“Musique de Chambre” (Chamber Music) which is an elegant rendition of soothing

and relaxed repertoire of musical solo (one to a part) or a “petit ensemble” (small

group) together with her students.

Children (young learners) feel comfortable with her teaching style, which they

often describe as professional, friendly, inspiring, and highly motivational. Adult

learners feel at ease with her progressive method of teaching, which is an

interesting blend of firmness, flexibility, innovation, understanding and compassion,

with strong emphasis on “theory-technique-practice-performance” and considers

mistakes as the spice of learning.

The not-so-young learners feel relaxed and enjoy Elle’s ability to elevate the world

of piano to the so-called “third dimension” –– “out-of-the- box” that is: “play as you

please or play for fun!” “Innovate, improvise, express yourself––no limitations!”

At a certain age, (considered more advanced), one does not really have to be a

Beethoven or a Rachmaninoff, one is simply pleased to experience playing the

piano as a form of self-entertainment or to give one a sense of accomplishment for

having fulfilled a long-awaited dream. To many who do not have the liberty of time

to practice for long hours due to the daily demands of life, just being able to play

simple harmonious pieces and understanding basic theories and techniques are

already considered as ultimate success. “What is the purpose of playing the piano

without joy in it?” Elle often remarks with a smile as she teaches a group of retired 

piano learners. Elle believes that every student has a learning curve and specific

needs to be addressed, and these are where she puts her focus on.

CPA by profession, Elle balances her professional and personal life with her love of

music. Her message, “no matter what you do for a living; a journey with piano is

worth taking!” She teaches piano right after work to students of all ages, from the

young, to the not-so-young, and helps in fulfilling the dreams of those who wanted

to but never had the chance to play piano (for whatever reasons: financial, time,

work, etc.). Elle also showcased musical start-up studios in countries where she

worked and started teaching children to learn piano to develop interest in musical

careers where they are naturally gifted and have true joy in what they do. She

hosted student piano recitals and other musical performances to showcase the

best in every student that she taught. Elle never failed to motivate, quick to spot

and highlight strengths in her students and gentle in improving their weaknesses.

Elle believes that perfection is taming one’s imperfections. A typical teaching day

will often hear Elle say in the Studio the following cue: “Ready, Set, Posture,...GO!

Elle Monnet teaches at:
5010 Buckeystown Pike Suite 128
Frederick, MD 21704
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