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Upgrade Your Sound is here!!!!


Upgrade Your Sound is here!!!!

by Shane
Beginner instruments offer curious new students easy introductions to the experience of making music. But as students strive to develop stronger technique and improve sound quality, a beginning instrument may start to hinder that progress. A progressing student will eventually require a better instrument – a step-up instrument. Typically, a step-up instrument is crafted from better-quality materials,... View More

Spring Break Repairs!

by Shane
The sun is out, the beach is calling your name, and there's no school!  Meanwhile your instrument has been making abnormal squeeks and squawcks for the past couple of months, and you've been meaning to get it fixed.  Although we encourage you to practice as much as possibly over spring break, its also one of the best times to get your instrument repaired.  The earlier you can bring... View More

Featured Item!! Yamaha YSL-354V Valve trombone.

by Shane
We recieved a really cool instrument into the store and we wanted to spread the word out to you in case you are looking for it. Watch the video below for a presentation from our sales associate "G"! . Call 407-354-0544 to schedule an in person demo! View More

Congrats to Joel Lyne for making it to the next round of Americas Got Talent!

by Shane
Orlando local musician Joel Lyne has landed himself in the next round of Americas Got Talent.  Joel is hard working, driven, and passionate about his music.  He stays positive, and continues to knock down obstacles in his way.  I've know Joel for quite a while and its exciting to see his progression.  Last year he performed at our "Take The Stage"... View More

What is your plan to learn your instrument?

by Shane
    Have you had an instrument sitting around for a while that you don’t know how to play?  Have you not picked it up because you don’t know where to begin learning?  Many people have had this same problem, so don't feel alone.  We are here to help!  At Music & Arts, the core of what we do, what drives us every day is to help you.  It is our mission... View More