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Awesome Artist Spotlight:Postmodern Jukebox


Awesome Artist Spotlight:Postmodern Jukebox

So, I was hanging out the other day workin on a few blog posts and listening to my spotify radio, when I had a thought come to my head. We all here have a pretty close focus on Band and Orchestra instruments, and we like to have fun playing them, right? However, its not often we get to hear really cool pieces played by instruments outside of what we have left circulating from Classical and Baroque-age pieces we’ve all heard a hundred times at concerts or in elevators. And, lets face it, we like our instruments because we think they’re cool. So what influences do we have for the modern musician that wants a little attitude behind their musical voice?

Personally, I’ve been practicing and listening to a vast variety of music for the past fourteen years, from stuff your daddy’s daddy grew up swingin’ to, to the stuff our kids are probably going to consider “Classic Dubstep.” So, lucky for you, I’ve found a lot of really cool musicians I listen to regularly and really look up to as a musician. And parents, for the most part these musicians are safe for the little ears, but I always advise practicing screening and caution to what your musicians are being influenced by, so feel free to tune in before they do.

One of my favorite bands as of lately, I have to say, is Scott Bradlee and his Postmodern Jukebox. Just the style and creativity of what they do really takes me back. If you’re anything like me, you like to jam to what’s on the radio as hard as you like to bob your head to what you’re playing in your Jazz bands. Well, the wonderful minds of Bradlee’s musicians have come together to fuse the two genres of music, taking modern songs and giving them any kind of old-school feel, from ragtime to jazz, and even bluegrass and slow swing. He breally brings an old-school kick to the big hits of todays time, using elements from Sondheim to Stan Kenton, bringing a whole new dimension of cool to our favorite Maroon 5 and Katy Perry songs. Its a really cool way of bringing life back to the ol’ brass and strings of the old days, and personally, my number one choice when I need to be creative, or just tone down from a really active day. I gotta say, you gotta try it. You won’t be sorry, and you may find yourself a new favorite song or two, like I did.

Send me emails and responses of what you think! I’m more than excited to accept feedback.

Ben Quiles


About the Author

Ben Quiles is an aspiring Live Show technician and blogger currently residing in Orlando. Ben has spent fourteen dedicated years of his life studying performance trumpet and live show audio-visual techniques. His hobbies include helping others become as successful as their potential, and learning new things and trends in the industry. He’s a huge gearhead, and excited to be the leading member of the Music and Arts blog team.