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We ain't messin', TAKE SOME LESSONS!


We ain't messin', TAKE SOME LESSONS!

Hello musicians!


I’ve been busy lately with meeting a lot of new faces and starting out a lot of new musicians on their first instruments, how exciting! Its always great to meet the new generation of musicians and see that music is still alive and well in our culture. This does bring me to an important point I’d like to discuss with you all. How many of you out there are taking private lessons? What is the importance of private lessons? And why do we keep telling you this needs to be such a priority?


Music is a skill not easily learned by many. Most professional musicians in the industry have spent countless years between where you’re at and what they’re able to perform. Just like any other skill, it definitely takes practice, but what good is your practice if you don’t know what, or how, to practice?


A good lesson teacher is one who not only has spent more time than you on your instrument of choice, but one that understands the struggles you’ll encounter and the experiences you’ll be having on your horn. The most important part of having a lesson teacher is to have that available guidance to help teach you what you need to learn, and push you in the right direction.


Here at Music and Arts, we’re proud to say that we provide the largest lesson program in the country, teaching over a million lessons a year! So we know a thing or two about progressing in music, and we’re happy to help you get better! In Orlando alone, we have over 120 weekly students and our program is always growing! Not to mention, we ensure some of the best lesson teachers in the area who are professionals in their fields and qualified educators who know how to teach in a way we guarantee will help you learn, for just about any instrument! Call or come by today and ask about our amazing lesson teachers.


Ben Quiles



About the Author


Ben Quiles is an aspiring Live Show technician and blogger currently residing in Orlando. Ben has spent fourteen dedicated years of his life studying performance trumpet and live show audio-visual techniques. His hobbies include helping others become as successful as their potential, and learning new things and trends in the industry. He’s a huge gearhead, and excited to be the leading member of the Music and Arts blog team.