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It's the most wonderful time of the year!


It's the most wonderful time of the year!

by Gabby
You got it, folks. That might be a lyric to one of the most known Christmas songs but they are also words that apply to pretty much any time of the year. So why now do we sing it? Because it's the season of getting together and giving! To be together is free, but giving is something that doesn't have to cost money.. Here at Music and Arts we strive to have a family friendly environment. Daily, I see kids... View More

Back to Band!

by Gabby
Back to School and back to band! It's rental season time! Just like school supplies, you might need a band or orchestra instrument just as much! What's rental season? It's the time period where all of the 6th grade students are going into band and need instruments. It's an exciting time for students to come in and explore their new chapter in life. We are all excited to be a part of this new chapter in... View More

To return or not to return?

by Gabby
So it's that time of the year.... school has officially let out and that means that there's no more band. If you're a parent and reading this you're probably thinking "yeah, thank goodness it is!" I'm glad it's the summer but seeing all these rental returns coming in is heartbreaking! It's one thing if the student is not going to continue in the next school year, but if the student is then stick with... View More

The Luck of Upgrading

by Gabby
So there's The luck of the Irish but what about the luck of upgrading? It's always a great thing to take the time and look at the advantages of upgrading to a more intermediate instrument. With our Upgrade Your Sound event, you will have the luck of trying every step up instrument you can think of. We have our Horns of Plenty event on April 28th at the Broad St store. If you are interested, let me know!... View More

Practice, Practice, Practice

by Gabby
Now that rental season is finally here, it is important that students know not to get discouraged because they're not Miles Davis or Michael Bolton yet. Getting a sound out of an instrument isn't difficult, but it is certainly difficult to get a good sound out. Once you start adding keys and seeing a staff full of black dots and black lines, it gets a little intimidating. My best advice? Practice. Practicing... View More