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Back to Band!


Back to Band!

by Gabby

Back to School and back to band! It's rental season time! Just like school supplies, you might need a band or orchestra instrument just as much!

What's rental season? It's the time period where all of the 6th grade students are going into band and need instruments. It's an exciting time for students to come in and explore their new chapter in life. We are all excited to be a part of this new chapter in your students' life.

Why is it important to rent? When you rent, you have the option of returning or exchaning the instrument at any point with no explanation needed. Sometimes students pic kan instrument they think they might like, but don't like it when band or orchestra starts. That's where come into play! If they don't like it, bring it back! If you return it we will hault the rental in its entirety. If you choose to exchange it, your rental will continue but with the new instrument. And to make it even better, as a rental customer, you are entitled to a special discount at any point in your rental.

Come on in and let's start this together!