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Practice, Practice, Practice


Practice, Practice, Practice

by Gabby

Now that rental season is finally here, it is important that students know not to get discouraged because they're not Miles Davis or Michael Bolton yet. Getting a sound out of an instrument isn't difficult, but it is certainly difficult to get a good sound out. Once you start adding keys and seeing a staff full of black dots and black lines, it gets a little intimidating. My best advice? Practice. Practicing is studyiong for music and is essential to success on any instrument. Just like we study to grasp a concept, we need to pracitce to understand what a certain note sounds like and where it's located on the staff.

Best practice method? LESSONS!!!!! Getting lessons for the students is an excellent opportunity for them not only to practice but for them to receive individualized expert attention for 30 minutes or an hour out of their day. In a classroom setting, they are taught as a group and when one doesn't understand, it's not guaranteed that they'll be pulled aside and given more attention. Practicing if they don't understand isn't effective. It discourages them from palying becuase it isn't sounding right or it's not as easy as the other students make it to be. Getting them lessons will guarantee that they'll get to the point where they're not struggling anymore. We want all of our students to succeed and none to fail. We are here to make that happen.

If you have any questions or want to inquire more about our lesson program, feel free to call us at 804-740-2644 or email us at

Best of luck to all the new band and orchestra students!