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To return or not to return?


To return or not to return?

by Gabby

So it's that time of the year.... school has officially let out and that means that there's no more band. If you're a parent and reading this you're probably thinking "yeah, thank goodness it is!" I'm glad it's the summer but seeing all these rental returns coming in is heartbreaking! It's one thing if the student is not going to continue in the next school year, but if the student is then stick with the rental!!!! When you return it, you are taking away the opportunity for the student to practice. Sometimes they don't practice as is but having the instrument there is always a great motivator. So hold off on returning it! And to keep them even more motivated, GET LESSONS!!!! Lessons are a vital part of a musicians life no matter how good! It keeps their chops up and allows for improvement. SO to return or not to return? Return to us and tell us you're keeping your rental!