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Renting for Your First Year?


Renting for Your First Year?

by Joseph

Hello to all of our First Time Rental Customers!


If this is your first year having your child in the music program, let me start by telling you; "It gets easier!"

Here at Music & Arts we are here to make it as simple as possible for you.

Your probably asking, "How does Music & Arts do this?" Well let me answer that question for you. We actually have been calling and visting all the school districts in our area to find what instruments they want, what books they need, what supplies they need, and when they need them by! We want you to come in and have no worries with renting an instrument.


Some of the most common questions we have is on Brand names.

Here at Music & Arts we actually only rent brand names. Some brand names include Yamaha, Bundy, Ventus, Giardenilli, Bach, Strobel, Otto Benjamin, Eastman, etc. There are a lot of brands out there and we only believe in name brands. The reason we liek name brands is if something were to break or fail on the instrument; replacement parts are easily reachable. This means you dont have to do a custom expensive fix for a starter instrument.

Another important question asked is when is our instrument due back? Our contracts are very easy to understand and we actually explain all of this during the rental proceess. We have either a 3 month contract or a 10 month contract. So whatever date you rent on is also the day in 3 or 10 months it will be due back.

Does my child really need a music stand? As an educator as well as musician, a music stand is a must. It teaches the student to play with proper poster, which also helps the airflow for brass and woodwind players. I would invest in either a nice travel stand like a Peak or a stationaly stand liek the Manhassett Stands (which are used in school).

If you are still unfamiliar with rentals or not sure what you need, please give us a call so we can help you out!

Best Regards to your first year,


Manager of Riverhead Music & Arts