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What happens when you return an instrument?


What happens when you return an instrument?

by Joseph

Welcome to all students, parents, or teachers!


Its that time again, the back to school rush. If this is your first year renting an instrument dont worry it gets easier every year!


I have been asked this question by almost every single parent who comes into Riverhead Music & Arts, and that is was the instrument cleaned before this?

To answer your question YES. To answer it a bit more in detail keep reading below!

After the instrument you rented was returned into our store, it actually gets sent to out biggest repair facility in the contry. This repair facility is located in Frederick, Maryland. This repair facility houses 50+ certified repair techs who know how to fix all the instruments. Here they are checking all the instruments to make sure if any were damaged from last year they were fixed and ready to go this season. Take a look at this video it is an actual look at the repair facility on youtube! 


Keep checking back to see more of the common questions answered!



Manager of Riverhead Music & Arts