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To rent or to Buy?


To rent or to Buy?

by Audrey

Welcome to my TED Talk, I am your host Audrey and I want to walk you through the the benefits of renting or purchasing an instrument!

The first question I want to ask, is your student a fifth grader? If they are, then you should probably rent the instrument. Most students end up changing their mind within the first three months of learning an instrument, when you rent, you have return and exchange options. Bring the instrument into the store at any time and we can get it returned or get the student a different instrument!

What if your student LOVES the first instrument they pick? Awesome, when you rent it is 100% rent to own on the instrument you are renting, so at any time you can use your rental credit to purchase that instrumet with an early purchase discount.

What happens if it breaks? Well, when renting insturments with Music & Arts, we have an awesome repair plan that covers the costs of repairs on the instrument, just come back into the store at anytime and we can get that fixed.

This all sounds great, and it gets better. We have educational representitives that go out to a majority of the schools in the area, once a week. They can pick up repairs, process exchanges, and do returns for you all from the school, just call Customer Service and schedule that pick up!

No, you're thinking, what if I just want to buy one, no worries, we have plenty of options in the store for that, we have budget friendly teacher approved student level instruments in stock. But, if your student isn't a fifth grader, we also have Intermediate and Professional Level instruments for you to come in and try at any time!

There is a third catagory that some people fall into. I own the instrument already, but I'm not sure if it will be good enough for my student to play on! Just bring the insturment into the store and we can take a look at it for you. If the instrument needs a repair we can send it over to our Repair Shop in Itasca and get you a free estimate for the repairs needed.

If you have any questions about renting or purchasing, feel free to give us a call at 847-517-1143 or you can email the store at

Once again, Thank you for coming to my TED Talk, and happy practicing!