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Summer Lessons


Summer Lessons

by Emily

Summer is almost here and school is almost out. Have you thought about playing an instrument? If so, summer is the perfect time to start lessons! The stress of the school year is gone; this leaves you ample time to focus solely on your new instrument, and to get a lot more practice time in! As a beginning student, we would like to encourage you as you start your journey. Most musical "YouTubers" get frustrated because the video doesn't give them any feedback or causes them to develop bad habits. Trying to do it all on your own can be discouraging and will cause you to lose interest quickly and give up. The number one regret we hear is, "I wish I'd never stopped playing.” Don't let that be you!  One of the benefits of taking lessons is that your teacher is the best person to keep you accountable, inspired, and practicing. Choosing Music & Arts for your private music lessons ensures that you are getting an amazing teacher.  All Music & Arts teachers have a degree in their instrument, at least five years of teaching experience, and a thorough background check.  We will also have events throughout the summer for you to participate in, or to just come listen.

If you already play an instrument, summer is the best and most important time to keep playing, practicing, and taking lessons. Maybe you, as a student, play in your local band or orchestra. It's easy and tempting to take the summer off, but we encourage you to invest more in your practice with the time that summer makes available to you! Don't let all of your hard work during the school year go to waste! If you have only played for a year, taking a summer off can make you lose almost all of your progress. You will start to regress instead of moving forward. This will make the beginning of the next school year a time to play catch up, adding to the stress of the new school year. Taking lessons over the summer will bring more enjoyment to your practice. The better you are the more you enjoy playing!

Here at Music & Arts we are incredibly passionate about our lesson program. We are the nation's largest lesson provider;  this company did 1.5 million lessons last year!  We believe that music gives life, produces confidence, and creates happiness. One of the easiest ways to feel insecure about your music is to try and do it all on your own, or to take a break in your practice. That is why we love our lesson program and our teachers so much. We are very much looking forward to watching your musical journey unfold. Anyone and everyone has musical ability. We are here to help shine a light on that talent. Give us a call at the store and ask about how to get started!