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Summer Music Lessons!


Summer Music Lessons!

by Karen
Are you wondering what to do with your rental instrument while your child isn’t playing music in school? You want to continue building your rental credit so you can purchase an instrument later on, but you’re afraid that it will sit in the closet all summer long. Consider starting your student up with summer music lessons! Private music lessons are an incredibly fun way to keep your young musician... View More

Rental Season: #WeGotYourBack2k16

by Moises
Greetings from all of those in the OC area! As we all well know August is right around the corner and for most of you parents who have signed up your young student for a music class I’m here to tell you we got your back when it comes to being prepared for his/her first day of band class!  “How do you ‘got our backs?!’” you say, well we have already got the sweet recommendations... View More

NAMM 2016 Reviews

by Moises
NAMM 2016, as you probably know by now, is the event at which all the major players in the music making equipment industry unveil the new gear that you'll be playing with throughout the year.  This was my first NAMM and I’ve chosen a few things that I wanted to highlight from my time at NAMM. Two of the products that I have a fun time getting familiar with was Vandoren’s new V21s and... View More

Newest Member of our Repair Team at Anaheim Music and Arts

by Philip
Frankie Rodriguez joined the repair department as the shop manager and certified woodwind repair technician in 2015.A graduate of the prestigious band instrument repair program at Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical (A.k.a. "Redwing"),Frankie combines old school repair techniques with cutting edge techniques and technology to equal a result that professional and student musicians all over the country... View More

Oboe Reed FAQs!

by Karen
Hello, double reeders! It's your friendly neighborhood oboe player, here to answer all your questions about buying and maintaining your oboe reeds! As I'm sure you all know, oboe reeds can be a hefty investment, as for the cost of one oboe reed, a clarinet or saxophone player can get 10 reeds! Oboe reeds break easily, and it can be a gamble to be sure the one you pick actually plays... View More