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Rental Season: #WeGotYourBack2k16


Rental Season: #WeGotYourBack2k16

by Moises

Greetings from all of those in the OC area!

As we all well know August is right around the corner and for most of you parents who have signed up your young student for a music class I’m here to tell you we got your back when it comes to being prepared for his/her first day of band class!  “How do you ‘got our backs?!’” you say, well we have already got the sweet recommendations from all the teachers around.  We have everything they recommend from books to starter packs! “But my student doesn’t have and instrument and she will get dropped if she doesn’t!” Well I’m glad you said that because we have rentals too! We have them for low prices, month-to-month renting, and the best student brands around! “But I don’t want to rent!” well we offer economic starter instruments starting at the low price of $299! “But my parent only speaks Spanish!”  ¡Yo todavía tengo la espalda!

So stop by for all of your back to school and rental needs! #WeGotYourBack2k16