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New Instrument Rentals: What You Need to Succeed


New Instrument Rentals: What You Need to Succeed

by Tad

It’s that time of year! Back to school season is upon us, and with it comes new classes, new activities, and in many cases a newfound love for music. When starting out on a child’s musical journey, we always recommend that parents rent first, as it gives the child the chance to change their mind and try a few things before the full commitment is made. But no matter what instrument we’re starting out with, there are a few things that every student needs to be successful with their first rental.

Name Tag – This is arguably the most essential item for a new rental. A new student of music is going to have to get used to transporting their instrument back and forth to school, and this can often lead to bouts of forgetfulness as they work on developing more responsible habits. By attaching one of our name tags to the case, it ensures that a lost or misplaced instrument can easily find its way back to you, or at least back to one of our stores where you can come and pick it up safe and sound. Take one for the case, one for the music stand, even grab one for your backpack!

Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) – This coverage is crucial for any new rental, as it covers aspects of the instrument rental that most insurance policies will not, including regular maintenance, accidental damage, or even theft. Should anything happen to the instrument that requires repair, or even if you want a basic yearly check-up, simply bring it into our store and speak with one of our experts, and we’ll send it out to our shop where our registered technicians can put it in tip-top shape. Loaner instruments can also be provided if available, so you’ll still have something to practice on in the meantime. No rental should go without this coverage, ask any of our associates for more details!

Care Kit – Much like a car or a pet, musical instruments require daily maintenance outside of regular visits to a specialist. This handy package bundles together everything your student needs to keep their new instrument in top playing condition, as well as general care instructions. Be warned: without proper day-to-day upkeep, even the best instruments will fall into disrepair within weeks, and will often require extensive work to refurbish. Save yourself the time and effort, and get your student building those good care habits early!

Music Stand – Proper posture is critical for every musical instrument, usually requiring the student to sit straight up or even stand to play with proper technique. As such, their music book has to be propped up in such a way that they don’t have to sacrifice posture in order to read it. Music stands are essential for every musician, whether they play guitar or contrabassoon, and our collapsible stands come with a handy carrying bag for easy transport to and from school. Our teachers even ask us to recommend two: one to keep at home, set up and ready for practice, and one to take to school for classroom rehearsal. Never be without one!

Starter Pack – Our favorite accessory bundle comes from decades of working closely with school teachers all over the country. Based on their recommendations, we’ve filled this package with everything your child needs to succeed in their first year of instrumental music. It comes complete with a music stand and carrying bag, a name tag, and a full arsenal of care supplies that’ll keep your instrument functioning smoothly. It’s also got an assortment of savings coupons for anytime you need to stock up on books or supplies during the year. Save money now and later by picking up this starter pack along with your new rental!

If you want more details, or would like to reserve your instrument, you can do so online, or call us at the store. (410-569-3500) We look forward to hearing from you!


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